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Home Made Electric Bike Projects

A DIY project on a 20 year old bikes. One is a Schwinn Cruiser and the other is a Giant MTB. Both bikes are from a garage sale - link

Automobile Motor add-on - link

A very informative DIY project (especially with good information regarding how to configure the controller) - link

An XB-500 Electric bike modification project - link

The Bidwell Bike Pusher - link

The Slipstream® Electric Bicycle Plans - link

The Pedal-Electric (PedElec) Bicycle Plans - link

JB's Electric Bicycle Page - link

In-depth introduction to electric bike terms, concepts, batteries, and drive systems by Eric Pletezer (Belt/Chain Drive system) - link

An electric dirt bike DIY project movie - link

An electric mountain bike DIY project movie - link

Another 52V Lithium Hi-Power Electric bike 24 speed electric mountain bike - link

Greg's Electric Powered Bicycle Trailer - link

An electric mountain bike project from JennTech, Science from Scratch - link

mongoose frame electric bicycle project - link

A winning electric motor-cross bike at a student contest - link

A 48 volt custom built electric trike project - link

friction drive electric bicycle project - link 1link 2

Hufzilla - Worlds fastest electric bicycle - link

Home-built solar electric scooter - link 1 , link 2

24 volt Generator attached to a bike - link

Steve Duncan electric mountain bike - link

Steve Duncan electric recumbent bike - link

Human electric trike thesis - link

A collection of a lot of electric recumbent bikes projects - link

eBikeRider, a blog about a journey of building, testing and riding an electric bicycle - link

Recumbent electric bike building and testing clip - link

A blog about electric bicycle building - link

The eCortina - link 1link 2link 3

An electric bicycle project from the Biodiversivist blog - link

A beautifully retro Juicer ebike with twin battery mounting - link 1link 2

Full Hybrid Electric/Gas Motored Bicycle - link

An eco-friendly chopper - link

How to disconnect Bldc hub motor for electric bike - link

Electric Chopper give away - link

Specialized Super-Charged Racer - link

Astro Motors On Ebikes; Terrifying Speed - link

Phasor Cycle Ride Review - link

50mph Monster Electric Trike - link

How to build spokes on hub motor for electric bike? - link

Dogati Super E-Bike - link 1link 2

Electric Bicycle Blinking LED Tail-Light with a 5V to 48V Input Voltage Range - link

Upgraded Electric Bicycle - link

EV Warrior Part1 - New Electric Bicycle Ride - link

Electric Mountain Bike High Torque, High Speed 2500W - link

Links to technical webpages regarding different aspects of the building process:

A thorough FAQ section from 4QD (a manufacturer) on batteries, motors and controllers - link

current calculator (understanding of gradients, masses and speeds): link

Change the controller settings with the console - link

Are you building your own electric bike?

Have you built a great electric bicycle?
Are you in the middle of building one?
Do you need some advice?
Share it with us!

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Rat Rod Chopper Trike 
First of all ya have to understand that I am disabled on SSI (poor). I hava Pride scooter, it's nice, gel tires, front, rear & seat suspension, fully adjustable …

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