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Electric Bicycle Benefits - The Complete List

For a list of popular electric bicycle myths and why they are wrong, click here


  1. Much more fun.
  2. Get there faster.
  3. Next to zero maintenance on the electric components.
  4. Zero emission vehicle.
  5. Save money.
  6. Keep fit. Nice exercise.
  7. Safe in city traffic. You can accelerate fast enough and keep up with the cars.
  8. Say goodbye to the gas-station.
  9. Useful for hill climbing.
  10. Beat the traffic, leave everyone behind.
  11. Beautiful.
  12. Very little raw materials are needed to manufacture.
  13. Integration with the train.
  14. Offer the ability to transport significant amount of cargo.
  15. Many styles to choose from.
  16. Acceleration to cruising speed is easy and rapid.
  17. Increasingly, the e-bike components are more and more recyclable.
  18. Get the direct route.
  19. No need to look for parking space.
  20. No need for driver’s license, insurance and license plate.
  21. Arrive at the office without a sweat. Ready to work without needing a shower.
  22. Enjoy the scenic route. Take the shortcut.
  23. Keep up the pace.
  24. Give up the bicycle clothes. You can dress whatever you like.
  25. Nice for the environment.
  26. Quiet.
  27. Just plug it in. Easy to recharge.
  28. Has the potential to convince people to join the bicycling community(People who otherwise wouldn't use a conventional bicycle)
  29. Simpler Life.
  30. Battery recharges for pennies.
  31. Plenty of brands to choose from. There is one built just for you.


  1. Not recommended for use under certain weather condition.
  2. Only one driver per bicycle (maximum two).
  3. Pedaling is harder when the battery runs out of power.
  4. Heavy to carry if you have to lift your bicycle to a high building floor.
  5. Charging is not as fast as pumping oil at the station.
  6. Some electric bicycles looks clumsy.
  7. The range is not suffice.
  8. The reminaing power indicators are not always accurate.
  9. Battery Pollution. Still not all the materials are fully recyclable.
  10. Battery replacing is quite expensive.
  11. Immature Technology. Reliablity problem still exist.
  12. An easy target for thieves.
  13. Usually forbidden to children below a certain age.
  14. Fairly expensive compared to regular bicycles.
  15. There are some kits that if you add them to a folding bicycle, the folding process will become clumsy and more complicated.

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