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Electric Bicycle Concepts

Today's technology

Although the electric bicycle industry is gaining momentum in the last couple of years, it is still an immature market.

Generally, the whole light electric vehicles industry is still in it's infant steps. Many companies works on developing electric cars and electric motorcycles but there are still a lot of obstacles and technological challenges ahead of us.

The electric bicycles don't suffer from some of the problem that other electric vehicles suffers from and they are ready for use today and no additional developments is needed. There are millions of e-bikes already on the roads today.

Nevertheless, there are still problems. There are still a lot of manufactures that sell low quality e-bikes and parts. The travel range is not sufficient, the weight of the electric equipment (especially the battery) is too large and there are a host of other problems that are looking for solutions.

Concept bikes and other electric vehicles concepts

Below is a list of concept e-bikes and also concepts of other unique light electric vehicles. To be honest, I don't know much about this future design concepts apart from the fact that some of the concepts are truly innovative and also that the people behind those ideas have a lot of talent and creativity.

The Electric Bicycle Dream 

Below is list of features that every futuristic electric bicycle should excel in at least one of them:

  • Light weight
  • Lage Range (highly energy efficient)
  • Very foldable
  • Durable for the long run (especially the battery)
  • Anti theft mechanism
  • "Smart"
  • Less maintenance
  • More convenience and comfort
  • Suitable for many terrains
  • Cheap
  • Highly recyclable
  • Cargo
  • High-tech
  • Safe
  • Anti puncture

Have A Great Concept To Share?

Do you came across a great new concept that you would like to share? Something that really inspired you and you think it has a chance to really make a difference.

Or maybe you have your own great idea and you would like to share it here.

List of concepts

Joule, the pedal robot
powers a tandem bicycle from the back seat. It beautifully mimic the same motions as a human would do. It certainly not the easiest or the most efficient way to make a tandem e-bike, but nevertheless, the result is just a beautiful and quite impressive fluid and smooth machine.
Fast Forward Electric Pedals
is a ingenious idea. It introduce to us a new concept for converging our bicycles to electric bicycle, just by replacing the existing pedals with an electric pedals!

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