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Electric Tandem

If you love riding tandem (also known as two seater electric bikes), an electric tandem can be a great add-on to boost your experience.

It will enable you to explore rough terrains and steep hills that otherwise you just couldn't reach. It can make your trip with you partner more enjoyable and relax by giving you that extra push when you most need it.

Bigger motor and battery

Electric tandem bikes requires bigger motors and bigger batteries in order to carry the extra weight of both riders. Don't compromise on too modest motor or battery, otherwise there is a change that the range will not suffice or the power assistance will hardly be noticeable.

The motor can theoretically be positioned in the rear or front wheel. It can also be incorporated with the gear system by using the friction drive or the shaft drive.

Twist & Go Vs. Pedelecs

In a case of power on demand configuration, the throttle can be positioned on only one of the two handlebars. So If you taking your child for a ride on you e-tandem bike and you like him/her to sit at the front, make sure that the throttle is positioned at the rear handlebars.

In tandem bikes you have two different pedals system, one for each rider. Apedelec system is designed to monitor the amount of energy that the rider is putting and assists accordingly.

Up until today, I didn't see a pedelec tandem bike but it should be interesting to see a pedelec system that determines the amount of assistance based on the performance of both riders and not just one. In that way, the amount of assistance will average the ability of both riders and not be biased by one person who could be much more trained and strong then his partner.

Beyond recreation

Electric tandem bikes are not popular, to say the least. There are a couple of businesses that convert regular tandem bikes to electric using conversion kits and a couple more that sell off the shelf electrified tandems and you can also convert you own tandem bike to electric.

Pay attention that the kit is powerful enough for you needs, most conversion kits was designed to fit on regular bikes and therefore they won't be enough.

Beside using the tandem bikes for trips and enjoyable recreation, electric tandem bikes could serve as a real replacement for the family car. Couples can ride together and even add an additional child seat.

Also, there are versions of tandem bikes with back cargo box so you could do the grocery shopping together with your partner. On the way to the grocery store, you can pedal and enjoy the ride and on the way back, when there is a heavy load in the cargo box, the electric assistance will make your life easy.

Tandem concepts

Here are two special tandem concepts.

I'm pretty sure that the first one will make you smile and the second one will make you think. Enjoy!

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