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Electric Bike Dealers

A real, live store may be the best place to purchase your new e-bike. But e-bikes have not yet gained enough popularity and dedicated e-bikes stores are not yet abound to say the least. However, in recent years, e-bike only stores have started to opened and I hope that this trend will continue.

So how do you find a good local dealerships?

The feeling of buying from a dealership staffed by workers who are passionate and knowledgable about e-bikes and also use e-bikes for their daily life and trips can not be faked.

It is worth a lot to have a place with the right atmosphere where you can get answers to all of you questions. A dedicated e-bike dealership can give you all of this and also other helpful information which is hopefully also unbiased.

Prefer a dealer that seems like it is specialize with electric bike. You should consider less stores that seems like their e-bikes are just happened to be there by accident among all the other conventional bikes.

Be cautious about stores who sell e-bikes and other home appliances under the same roof. Unless it's a big box retailer who put great e-bikes deals, I wouldn't consider it.

In any case, before visiting the stores, do your research, get knowledgeable, log on to the company website and read many reviews.

Big box retailer vs. local shop

Buying from a big box retailer such as Best Buy electric bicycle or Walmart electric bicycle can give you a piece of mind. You know that they will still be there tomorrow, you know that you can count on them to respect the warranty.

Big retailers often offer discounts and you are also probably familiar with most of them from prior purchases.

But, do you think that you can ask a big box retailer salesman a technical question about electric bikes and get an educated, professional answer? You are probably going to get an amateur answer, and who can blame him? He is in charge of a wide variety of products that most of them he never used.

If the salesman is unable to provide all the answers, or starts blustering or attempting to blind you with science, take his advices with limited liability.

Moreover, e-bikes are just starting to penetrate into the market and there is a chance that the workers in those big retailers hadn't even ride on an e-bike once.

If you would ask the same questions in a specialized e-bike shop, you will get an answer which is backed with real experience, both technical experience and real world riding experience. The workers are probably going to be much more educated, trained and enthusiastic about e-bikes.

You should also consider maintenance and repairs issues. Your local e-bike shop staff will probably be able to fix a large portion of you e-bike problems on the spot, saving you time and money. Many shops even offer a free first service. But I doubt that the staff in any big box retailer could do this.

Big retailers won't always let you test-ride the e-bikes and they will don't know how to fit the best e-bikes for your needs. A good specialized e-bike shop will help you along your choosing process. They will be able to fit the best e-bike for your needs based on your preferences and limitations. You will get tips, advices and service that you'll otherwise won't get.

Electric bicycle dealerships reviews

The electric dealerships reviews can help you find more information about many e-bike dealerships Scroll down to see them. You can also add your on comments.

The reviews are based on other users experiences. If you didn't find any or enough useful information, try the Google search box: (ex. "e-bikes store in City/Country/Area/Town")

You can also contribute your own review for e-bikes dealerships in your area. Any review will help a lot and is highly welcomed.

Share your brick & mortar dealership review

Every dealerships is different. Some specialize with e-bikes, some sell e-bikes as just one of many other bikes. The feeling is different, the level of expertly is not the same.

Contribute your impressions, mention things like e-bike selection, prices, atmosphere, warranty and everything else. You can even upload pictures.

Also, enter the dealerships address and website if exist.

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