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Ride Safety on Your Electric Bicycle

First Ride

  1. Read the manual and pay attention to the various warnings and highlights
  2. Test your e-bike in an area with no pedestrians in order to get familiar with it's behavior under different situations. It will help you to escape accidents in the future and will give you more confidence

On Going Safety Precautions

If you plan to buy an electric bike or if you already have one, there are some safety rules you should know in order to ride it safely. If you would actually keep those rules, there is no reason why it shouldn't be a very safe vehicle

  • Wear an helmet (especially in unfriendly bicycle cities) and wear it correctly even when you are going for "just" a short drive. Make sure the helmet is fit to your head. An helmet is the only defense you have for your head
  • Wear knee and hands protectors, those are your most vulnerable body parts in the case of falling
  • Make sure that you are visible enough. Wear glowing accessories, a reflective vest, put reflectors on the front, rear and on the side of the e-bike. Remember: you are traveling in a small vehicle
  • Use lights when traveling in the the dark
  • Install a bell even if it isn't mandatory

  • Avoid clothes that can be caught up in the bike chain or wheel

  • Don't ride on dirt roads with an electric bicycle which is not designed to travel in such conditions

  • Don't ride barefoot or with sandals. Always wear close shoes

  • Don't ride with untied shoes

  • Brakes should be tighten and release quickly and without an effort

  • Make sure the seat post is secure in it's place. You don't it to drop suddenly while you're riding

  • Don't put another person on the e-bike with you if you don't have an e-bike that are suitable for that. It will deteriorate the stability and the ability to break

  • Don't go with maximum speed all the time. You must take into account the road conditions (and other pedestrians or bicycles) and keep enough distance to respond abruptly when needed

  • Check the tire pressure, check it also for cracks and cuts

  • Check for loose spokes to avoid wheels wobbling

  • Check handlebar and headset are tighten

  • Add side mirrors to avoid looking back while turning

  • Obey all traffic signals
  • Carry identification information with you. (name, address, phone numbers to call, etc)

  • Don't ride between parked cars and the road. Here are two links for further information about safety riding on the

For further information about how to ride safely, log on to:

And here is an instructional clip about safety riding:

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