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Electric Bicycle - Electrical Safety

Battery and battery charging

Be careful when you recharge the battery. In order to be on the safe side, make sure the surface below the electric bike isn't wet/moist and that the area is sufficiently ventilated.

It is recommended to disconnect the battery from charging after the charger indicates full charging (green light is on).

Do not use you e-bike batteries with other electrical equipment.

Do not block the air vents of the charger while charging, doing this could cause fire.

Do not make any modification to the electric components of your electric bike. Use only parts supplied by the manufacturer. This is mainly implied to chargers that are intended for certain batteries and have a specific current. Using an improper charger might damage the batteries and/or the controller.


Making yourself visible on the road is the best way to avoid accidents

Having strong enough lights is very important and there are some very good options to consider when purchasing an electric bike.


Prefer a simple and clear console. It is very important that you will be able to keep your eyes on the surroundings and not waste time figuring out what is the indication of the console.

General electrical safety

Keep children away from the e-bike while charging.

Do not use the e-bike or charge it if you see exposed or torn wires.

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