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What exactly is an electric bicycle?

Simply saying "electric bike" or "electric bicycle" can often calls up images of basic mopeds, electric motorbikes or scooters. But it is definitely not the case. The experience of riding an electric bicycle is entirely different from riding a scooter or a motorbike. Therefore, a satisfying definition is necessary.

First of all, an electric bicycle is meant to be thought of and used as a bicycle, not as a motorbike.

To begin understanding what an electric bike is all about, you should start with your basic pair of bicycle. Now, add just 5 new elements to it: a motor, a battery, a controller, a charger and a console. With those 5 items, you have the fundamentals of any electric bicycle on the market. The pedals are also still here.

Electric bicycles are meant to augment the human power, not to replace it. The electric assistance complements and not supplement the human pedaling power.

Imagine the electric bicycle as a regular bicycle that just happens to be much easier to ride. Pedaling and handling the electric bicycle is just like any regular bicycle and most of the weight is still the cyclists's weight.

An electric bicycle is not about traveling at high speeds. It is not classified as a motor-vehicle, and therefore requires no license or insurance to operate. But there are some restrictions such as maximum speed and age limit.

An electric bicycle is easy to use. It provides the advantages of a regular bicycle while eliminating one of the bicycle's serious drawback, lack of power (speed and acceleration). Imagine pedaling up a hill as comfortably as riding down, think about riding against a strong headwind and don't feel it almost at all, that's what the e-bike experience is all about. Now you get to really enjoy the ride.

There are lots of types, brands and conversion kits of electric bicycles in the market, there is a feeling that the electric bicycle industry is finally starting to seize momentum.

The electric bicycle has a real change make a real change in our today's busy, noisy and polluted cities.

The bicycle is the most efficient vehicle ever invented. It unites us, and also allows us to escape. It offer the opportunity to take us to places we would never see any other way. The electric bicycle can bring back that experience to people who are for whatever reason abandoned cycling from their life.

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