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Electric Bicycle Guide e-zine, Issue #1 -- teaser here
September 02, 2013

Electric Bicycle Guide

It's not about replacing pedaling, it's about enhancing cycling

This is the second e-mail from brings you the latest new and reviews related to specially to the E-Bike world.

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Electric Bicycle Guide

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Issue #2 - September 2, 2013

US E-Bike Market

a new report about the US E-Bike market revealed just how big the e-bike market has grown from last year. The 2012 estimated sales of e-bikes were approximately 70,000, and according to the current report, sales from July 2012 to July 2013 broke the estimated sales amount by a double!! During this time, around 159,000 e-bikes were sold!

Read the full article here: US E-Bike Market

Concepts E-Bikes

This week I came across 2 interesting concepts E-Bikes. Here are they:

Chainless Folding

This folding ebike name is Mando Footloose as it was produced by Mando Corporation. The designer worked hard to develop this new concept bike that has no chain and can be folded to its half size!

Read more here: Mando Footloose


The Bond concept eBike may solve all your cycling problems forever!

Read more this crazy concept here: Bond

Next week I will report or the news from the big bike events EuroBike 2013. I will also write about 2 new interesting concept E-Bikes and up to-date E-Bikes news.

This E-Bike newsletter is new and I would like to turn it into something useful and interesting along the way. Please contact me if you any request or idea for future newsletters.

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Happy e-riding,
Roni Pozner,
Electric Bicycle, It's not about replacing pedaling, it's about enhancing cycling

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