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Electric Bicycle Guide e-zine, Issue #1 -- teaser here
August 06, 2012

Electric Bicycle Guide

It's not about replacing pedaling, it's about enhancing cycling

Issue #1 - August 6, 2012 -


This is the first e-mail from

I just wanted lt let yo know that from now on you are going to get an e-mail from me once or twice a month packed with useful and enriching information about the world of Electric Bicycles.

Some of the stuff that you can expect to see here are:

  • My reviews and new reviews from around the web
  • New and unique electric bicycle concepts and home-made e-bikes
  • Tips and guides for how to take care of your e-bike, how to choose a new or used e-bike and tips about how to ride an e-bike
  • Upcoming events and important news reports
  • Special deals and coupons that are currently being offered by electric bicycle companies from around the world

For now, you can also follow Electric-Bicycle-Guide at the Facebook or Twitter page.

Ask to share

Did you see anything in this newsletter that you want to write or know more about? Tell me about it.

If you came across a new e-bike concept, an interesting review, a juicy piece of news, or an upcoming e-bike review and you want to write about it, log on to the Your Stories page and share it with us.

Your stories are more then welcome. If you have a story about a beautiful electric bicycle trip, a special e-bike tip that you have or if you want to write about your DIY e-bike project, don't hesitate, share it with us!

Happy e-riding,
Roni Pozner,
Electric Bicycle, It's not about replacing pedaling, it's about enhancing cycling

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